2Daycloud is a consulting company specializing in Information Technology. Our business model is to offer a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software products, services and solutions for the most diverse plataforms and multi-brand environments. Our 15 years in the market serves companies of all sizes, with global coverage 24/7 for 365 days.

Our Differential

·         + 15 years of history. ·         Network Support
·         Comprehensive Portfolio of Services. ·         Network Management
·         24×7 Global Customer Service | 365 days. ·         Remote Network Monitoring
·         Partnership with the largest manufacturers in the market. ·         Server Support
·         Specialized and Certified Professionals. ·         Server Monitoring
·         Flexible solutions. ·         Server Management
·         Reduction of costs in IT equipment maintenance. ·         Application Management
·         Trilingual Service Desk. ·         Desktop Management
·         Remote Monitoring. ·         IT Help Desk Outsourcing
·         Climbing Management. ·         On-Site IT Support
·         Business Intelligence. ·         Managed IT Services Pricing Plans
·         Incident and escalation tracking. ·         Cloud Hosting
·         Collaboration of knowledge. ·         Off-Hours IT Support
·         Managed IT Services and Support ·         Enterprise Managed Network Services
·         Virtual CIO Service ·         Small Business IT Support
·         NOC Services




We develop flexible solutions with to ensure tailored field service. The cost is key to any project and the essential benefit, with 2Daycloud developing the best cost-benefit ratio on the market. It offers significant cost reductions in maintenance of data center environments including all of its assets, such as servers, storage’s, tape-libraries, routers, switches and other IT equipment. 2Daycloud prioritizes the quality of the service and provided through this policy seeks feedback through research of each service served identifying the positives and correcting the negative points in order to meet the new market requirements and satisfaction of our clients, building a lasting relationship.